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who we are

  • who we are

    After 10 years in the transportation business, we realized the ideal way to fully service all of our clients’ business needs was to put in operation an insurance agency providing primarily transportation insurance.

    Licensed in Illinois and Missouri – and adding more states as we progress - CIG offers coverage for all your transportation needs. We offer coverages including truck liability, motor truck cargo, physical damage, non-trucking liability insurance (NTL), occupational accident, gap insurance, excess liability, general liability, employment practices liability, garage liability (for dealer and repair garages), workers compensation and more.


Our history

  • What is Compass and what we do:
    Since 1997, we were inspired to make difference in Chicago transportation industry. Compass was working with the strongest names of freight hauling from across the country. We started as a small trucking company, operating only few trucks. Within a year, Compass developed into a 100 trucks operation. We hired owner operators and company drivers. Driving experience and safety were our top priorities from the beginning. We were different kind of company. Every truck driver that ever worked for Compass was an asset. We enforced safety policies knowing that we all will benefit from them. Every single driver went through an extensive Safety Orientation Course. We cared about them, and we cared about the others in the traffic. This philosophy paid off very quickly because Compass became recognized as a high quality trucking company not only in the Chicagoland area but also out of the state borders. In its highest pick Compass had 250 trucks on the roads.

     Our highly professional and motivated team of dispatchers was very important part of our operation. Many young people joined us, learned the skills of successful dispatching and later started their own trucking operations. They still keep Compass in good memories as well as Compass gladly remembers them.

    The Change

    Times change, business changes, so do we. At a certain point in our professional climb, we realized that the trucking industry and the drivers needed wider professional support. Thus we developed a very unique business philosophy with the principal idea of covering all the needs in transportation one driver can possibly have. We created a place where a driver could come, choose and buy trucks, get financing for it, lease trailers, get insurance coverage for them, repair and check them regularly, get factoring, buy tires, buy diesel, secure parking in the middle of the city.

     Compass Truck Sales offers a wide range of used semi trucks inventory-all in excellent condition. Customers can apply online or stop by, and they will have the opportunity of talking to a team of professional Sales Staff, which will help them make a choice suitable to their budget and needs.

     Knowing that to obtain loans from banks or other financial institution can be a long and often frustrating process, Compass Funding Solution was launched to provide its customers with a superior growth opportunities over a short period of time. With its outstanding efforts to build and maintain high quality relationships with brokers and shippers, Compass Funding Solutions has reached one of the most essential Compass' goals - satisfied clients.

     In the same way, Compass Equipment Finance developed from the needs of customers to own a truck with easy financing. Thus the chain of services smoothly continues-Our customers can apply for a truck at Compass Truck Sales and they automatically apply for getting financed at Compass Equipment Finance.

     Having finished with the finance segment of the business, Compass Insurance is there to secure the vehicles at no time! It provides customers with the most affordable rates and the best available coverage to satisfy their transportation needs. 

    Compass Lease was founded to offer leasing services to customers and owner operators.
    All trailers are equipped with GLS Tracking devices so that customers are able to know where their trailers are at any time.

    In addition to our Trailer Leasing division, we you can find semi truck for renting as well. They operate in Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and Bloomington, CA. Visit their website to find out more details.

Compass Family

  • Truck Sales - Be your own boss
    Compass Truck Sales is a dealership for used semi trucks that will make your truck-buying experience a pleasure. On our parking lots we have great choice of used trucks in excellent condition. All of our trucks for sale have passed a technical inspection, and they are ready to go on the road.
    Stop by or visit us online and search our inventory of Freightliners, Volvos, Peterbilt, International, Kenworth trucks.
    Our convinient in house financing option mihgt be helpfull for you. Even if you have a bad credit history we will find a way to put you on the road. We have several different financing packages to choose from.

    Truck Financing - We'll make the terms
    acceptable and agreeable

    Trucks are income making equipment...
    At Compass Finance, we know it takes money to make money. Our financing options allow you to obtain the equipment you need to take advantage of profitable opportunities or put you ahead of your competition.
    We have programs that can help you with up to 100 percent of the cost of equipment, and we tailor financing packages based on your situation. We provide options quickly so you can start conducting your business in a more profitable manner right away.

    FACTORING - Get your money today
    Companies choose receivables financing for a lot of good reasons: periods of rapid growth that outpace resources, slow payment from debtors, unmet start-up company projections, concentration limits that suddenly cause an existing lender to shy away from continuing to finance your business.
    Whatever the reason, companies all enjoy one common benefit of factoring: enhanced cash flow. That's because factoring lets you "sell" your invoices in exchange for immediate funds. There's no waiting for customer payment to arrive.

    Trailer Lease - Setting a New Standard
    At Compass Lease we understand the changing face of our Industry. We do not deny anyone the chance to lease a trailer, no matter how small, or how long you have been in business. Start-up Company or Owner Operator. We are here to help you expand your operation from the ground up!
    When you lease your Brand New Trailers from Compass Lease, they are already equipped with GLS Tracking devices.
    You will be able to know where your trailers are at any given time of the day or night. GLS technology does not depend on cell phone technology (as GPS does), which means the coverage is absolute in space and time.