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Compass Insurance: Frequently Asked Question

Compass InsuranceQ:  With which insurance companies do you work?
A:  We work with some of the brand names in the Insurance Industry such as: Lexington, Essex, Progressive, Northland, Canal, Occidental, Zurich

Q: How do you determine the price of  premium for Physical Damage coverage?
The Premium is based on the value of the truck, experience and the driving record of the driver.
Q: How much of the money I pay is deductible?
A: $1,000 is for Physical Damage, same for NTL. For Liability and Cargo Insurance is also $1000 unless higher deductible is requested.

Q: Do you collect down payment for Physical Damage?
No, we do not collect down payment.

Q: How can I pay my insurance when I am on the road?
A: We have couple of options: We accept checks, cash, money orders and we have automatic set up for monthly deduction from the account per insured’s request or payment over the phone with the credit card, but usually there is a bank charge included and it can be about 3% depending on the bank you are using.

Q: Do I have to be financed outside for my  Liability and Cargo coverages or I can make direct payments.
A: We have both options.

Q: In a case of an accident how fast your insurance is recovering the damage.
Claims are paid in fast and efficient way.  Of course we always need to cooperate with our adjusters providing them with all necessary information in order to recover the damage fast  and put you back on the road.

Q:  Do you have insurance for the drivers in case they get hurt at work?
Yes , we offer Occupational Accident Insurance which is affordable and very valuable coverage.

Q: Can your company offer other trucking services beside insurance?
A: Yes.  We can offer you high quality services for your Factoring needs, we can find you a great used truck, we can help you with the financing of the truck, our mechanical shops can fix anything on your trucks, we have big inventory of commercial tires etc. Just ask us.

Q:  How fast can I get my certificate?
A: For Physical Damage and NTL , the certificates are ready within couple of minutes. For Cargo and Liability insurance turn over for the quote is usually 24 hours , if all necessary documents are provided.

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